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Established in 1920

Stonelight Tile is the foster child of S & S TILE, (Solon & Schemmel) est.1920. Albert Solon, descended from a family which had been in the pottery and Ceramic industry in Europe for 300 years.
S&S Tile created ceramic tile masterpieces in their factory in San Jose, during the Arts & Crafts, Spanish Colonial, Mission Revival, and Art Deco periods. The tiles were used for floors, stairs, fountains. wall treatments, fireplaces, mantles and archways, which made treasures of the buildings they adorned. Solon's tile work was used on many major San Francisco landmarks, including The Mark Hopkins Hotel and the Steinhart Aquarium.  San Jose enjoyed his ceramic work at The California Fox Theater and the downtown Sainte Claire Hotel. Perhaps the most noted to utilize S&S Tile is Hearst Castle at San Simeon.  Stonelight still produces those classic tiles using the same plates, molds and presses from that era. Stonelight welcomes all tile inquiries for restoration, remodel, or new construction.

Original S & S tiled staircase circa 1920. The same patterns are available today using the original plates and presses

The exhibition space at Stonelight Tile Inc is large and welcoming, providing visitors with the perfect atmosphere to stroll through and enjoy the artwork currently on display. We believe individuals should have access to art and culture in their daily lives. It's our goal to provide a medium between art enthusiasts and the artists themselves.

Arts & Crafts Fireplace available in different colors, patterns and designs.

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